VolleyOC Tournaments at Huntington State Beach

If you have questions or are planning a trip to Southern California to compete, please feel free to contact moc.COyelloV|ofnI#moc.COyelloV|ofnI to confirm dates and exchange ideas.

Registration for all VolleyOC Tournaments

How to play a VolleyOC youth tournament:

Find a partner
This can be hard to do, but networking with parents on club and school teams is great, or joining a beach club can help. VolleyOC offers Sunrise Beach Volleyball Club
Register each person for AAU or P1440 Membership
(depending on which body is sanctioning that week's event)
AAU membership here
P1440 membership here

Register for a tournament!

**Registration closes at 5pm the day before, if you find it closed, use this Late Registration Link Cost is usually $35 each, cash on the beach for late registrations.

Sign-in is at 8:30am, Pool Play typically lasts from 9am-noon, and generally consists of 3 or 4 games. Playoffs are single-elimination and last until 3pm at the latest, though most teams finish by 1:30pm.

VolleyOC tournaments are played on Huntington State Beach at Newland Street.
21900 Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Parking info:
Parking is $15/day. Contact Ed if you want to attend regularly and would like a $40 Huntington State Beach parking pass. These last for up to a year depending on when you purchase them and are definitely your best option. You may also purchase a full state parks pass for $195. This pass lasts for a full 12 months from your purchase. The year pass is a good idea if you utilize state parks other than Huntington Beach.

Enter the State Park at Magnolia or Beach Blvd, 1/2 mile South or North of tournament site. You may re-enter the park for free, so food runs are easy!
See http://www.VolleyOC.com/Contact for late registration protocol, or if you don't have a partner.