Newport Elementary After School Program Starts Tuesday November 12th!
Newport Elementary After School Program Starts Tuesday November 12th!

After our inaugural session of beach volleyball classes, Newport El is back for more from VolleyOC.
Last session, students learned how to spike, bump, set, serve and play 4 on 4 beach volleyball. We had 30 kids in the class and Coaches Ed and Blaine organized warm-ups, fun drills and simplified play for each session. The students had such great enthusiasm, right after school they would run out to the court, always ready to burn some energy and learn some more volleyball skills.

One of my favorite days last session was a crazy windy day with 20mile an hour gusts. A storm was coming in so conditions were not ideal. That day we focused on how the wind affected ball control. I just loved watching how the kids had a blast running around; throwing the ball up into the air and watching it fall back towards them and then spiking it as hard as they could into the wind. It was one of those perfect teachable moments where participants were able to see exactly how the ball moves in the wind. I can always see a difference with any player (professional all the way down to the youngest beginner) where the next practice after a very windy day, the ball control is so much more accurate. The best part was the students’ enthusiasm and excitement for the wind. Adult players (and sometimes even me) often decide to stay home and miss a great opportunity for improvement. The kids never questioned it and even delighted in it!

This month, beach volleyball class is after school on Tuesdays from 2:40-3:40pm. Like last time, class will still be fast-paced, enthusiastic and fun. I hope to see lots of familiar faces and some new ones!

Sincerely, Ed Ratledge

Newport Elementary Students can sign up HERE
Posted 07 Nov 2013 19:26.

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