Late Fall Classes Start This Weekend!

We're looking at less than perfect weather for the first time in ages on this, the first weekend of the late fall classes. As always, our rain-out policy is pretty last minute. Ed will look at the radar around an hour before the first class of the day, and unless it looks like it's going to be pouring rain during all the classes, we're still on. That being said, expect more great instruction and competition in our late fall classes. You'll have a leg-up on everyone else you know when it comes to burning off those holiday calories. No Class Thanksgiving weekend, though everyone is encouraged to hit the beach.
Kids classes start this Thursday at Newport Coast Community Center, and offer a great way to introduce your 7-10 year old to the game. We've been pumping up the music in our fall classes so far and the energy has been great. In both our NCCC Thursday class and our Newport El ACE program, young players are really getting the hang of the game, and loving it. That's what we're about here at VolleyOC: Gving people the game they love.

Posted 31 Oct 2014 06:39.

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